Australia's Top Whiskey Bars

Straight, shaken or stirred, we've listed Australia's top whiskey bars for every type of enthusiast. Pick your poison at one of our weekend hot spots:


  • Eeu de Vie's Whiskey Room

Eau-de-Vie Sydney is an intimate, dimly lit, jazz infused speakeasy created for the discerning bon vivant. Let their expert team of bartenders, transport you back to a much forgotten era where great service, cocktails, tommy guns and good times were king.

Eau-de-Vie is a French expression that translates to water of life. Spirits such as French brandy (Eau-de-Vie), whisky, vodka and aquavit from Norway, all take their names from the alchemic notion that spirits were an elixir of life.

  • Doss House 

The Doss House is a quaint, heritage underground bar with a stylish vintage interior, allowing you to easily feel transported back to another time.

Recapturing the convivial spirit of Sydney’s formative years, The Doss House unites fine whiskies, spirits & cocktails with the historical charm of one of the city’s oldest suburbs, The Rocks. The original sandstone walls bring warmth to this unique basement bar which features a beautiful terrace area & rare original fireplaces.

Built in the 1840s, this space has been the home to a rich, eclectic collection of tenants including a boot maker, boarding house, doctor’s surgery & opium dealer, some which have been entwined within the interiors of the five, cosy bar spaces.

  • Tokyo Bird

Tokyo Bird is a Japanese inspired small bar located in Belmore Lane, Surry Hills, specialising in Japanese whisky and beer, cocktails, sake and yakitoriEstablished in 2014, Tokyo Bird combines the best of Tokyo’s yakitori-ya and classic cocktail bars in an intimate Sydney laneway small bar. Plus, they have one of Australia's largest Japanese whisky collections on their back bar including rare bottling from Suntory Whisky, Ichiro’s Malt, Nikka Whisky and more.


  • Whiskey Alement

New to whiskey or a devotee of the 'water of life'? The crew at Whiskey Andale have been serving Melbourne’s thirst for whisky since 2010. Their ever-changing menu of over 1000 whiskies features everything from the classics to independent bottlings, right through to some of the rarest whiskies in the world.

  • Whiskey Den

Established in 2016, Whisky Den was modelled after a hybrid of the tiny 'yokocho' alley bars of Japan and the Hutong bars of Beijing. The bar's layout includes a large booth in the back and a couch-strewn mezzanine level, but the best seats in the house are at the bar. Whiskey Den's ever-expanding list currently boasts over 370 expressions, so there's something for everyone.


  • Death & Taxes

Each week Death & Taxes reviews a new whiskey and discusses its history and tasting notes from distilleries around the world. Sign up to their 'Whiskey Diaries' series and get lost within the intimate lighting and grand back-bar, displaying over 1000 spirit bottles. 


  • Helvetica

If Old Fashioned is your thing, the bar’s flannel-clad team will be happy to mix one for you. Owner David Gillman’s top priority is service, and his bar staff is as warm and welcoming as the plush two-storey interior – completely committed to the guest no matter how busy it gets.

The drinks are a very close second to the service, in particular whiskey, with dozens of the world’s best available. If you’re planning on becoming a regular – and there are many – you can purchase a bottle and have it stored on site for a post-work wind down.

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